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07 October 2010 @ 02:32 pm
$300/m or barter - house w/ 40 acres SE OK  
1200 sq ft house on 40 acres in SE Oklahoma. It's in a tiny community of about 10-15 other homes in the Kiamichi valley area. Most services are available and there is a (slightly) larger town about 10 miles away for gas and basic groceries.

There are two houses on the 40 acres and I live in the little one (930 sq ft) across a one-lane road so you would be sharing the land with me. However, the houses are far apart can't be seen from the road or from each other.

This is a beautiful place to live and I am so lucky to have found a home here.

The reason the rent is so low is because I will be sharing the property and hope to be friends with the renters. Barter is available in either labor or goods if you want to knock off some of the rent. Utilities are not included and will run about $50 per month for general use. You will also be responsible for upkeep of the property, mowing, lightbulb changes etc. Though large problems (plumbing, electric) will be taken care of by me.

Everyone is welcome and while the tone of the area is conservative I don't find it overwhelming. Personally I am liberal and non-religious. Though church-going conservatives are welcome as well.

Email me for photos and more info. Or just respond to the thread. I might be a few days between responses because I don't have regular access to the internet.

I hope this post isn't too advertisy for the comm, it's not that I'm trying to find someone to rent my house, it's that I'm trying to find the right someone.