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Being Ready Never Goes Out Of Style

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This community has been created for people who understand the importance of disaster/etc preparedness and want to learn more.

Topics discussed will include preservation of food, use and conservation of resources, shelter, the psychology of being ready, stuff like that.

While the current political situation is certainly fodder for discussion, please be respectful of the views of others. In the end, the common goal is to get through difficult times by working together. Please be, well, gentle if you're trying to educate a fellow user through posts or comments.

Not tolerated: disrespecting the beliefs/philosophies of others including gun control, choice, religion, home education, stuff like that (if someone's posting about firearms, for example, and you're anti-gun... skip the post, ignore the mention, whatever! To some folks, part of being ready in uncertain times involves weapons. This isn't the place to freak on people about gun control. AND VICE VERSA.). Be cool about it. Educate and debate without rancor... this is a place to learn, not further agendas. No racism, sexism, ageism, or any other freaking "isms" will be tolerated either. If you post something stupid, you'll be banned, I swear.

For now this community is open to all. This will change if I have to put my mod hat on too many times. Because I don't like having to wear the mod hat, OK? Don't make me come down there.

Pleas email me if you have links you'd like to see on this here info page. I'll be updating when I have time.